Frequently Asked Questions

Is our service a Limousine or a taxi service ?

Neither really …  just the best of both. We have Hire car/Limo vehicle and driver standards, just like Uber Black, and are licensed and accredited by the Taxi Services Commission. Unlike taxis we can set our own rates : see below. Also, unlike Hire Cars and Limousines services we happily do local and smaller fares. Best of all, for you this means a fare up to 20% less than a taxi fare in the area.

As I travel for business, my Company requires a proper Tax Invoice, preferably non-paper.

A tick to both boxes. We now use Square (contactless + chip reader), a user friendly eftpos device that sends you an email or/and sms Tax Invoice for tour ride. Done and dusted in seconds.

Can I book a Gisborne Cab if I’m only going locally ?

Sure can. A lot of our customers do just that. A minimum fare of $15 applies for a (up to 6 km) local booking, in or around Gisborne.

Are your cars yellow ?

Definitely not.

Is Gisborne Cab Co the same as Gisborne limo-Cabs ?

Yes. Same company but different trading names.

Do we have stretch Limos ?

Sorry, we only provide four passenger sedans.

What will a car cost ?

We have set our rates so that the fare is less than taxi-cabs in the area.
Simple and straightforward: $2.20/km, (plus applicable tolls, airport parking and 20% surcharge for bookings between midnight to 05:00 am).
No other charges like Fuel levies, Flagfall, Booking fees, Time charges or Surge pricing.

Do you charge 5% or 10% surcharge for EFTPOS fare payments ?

Neither … our EFTPOS fare payments carry a 0% surcharge.
If you’ve got some other query about our service, then please give us a call or send an email.